Sunday, September 23, 2007

How are we Smart?

P6 did an assembly on Learning Styles. Afterwards we videoed them - which learning style do you think you are ?


Mrs V and P7V said...

That was great - thank you! Did you fill in an online questionnaire to find out your preferred learning style? Were any of you surprised by your results?

A wee while ago, we presented something similar at an assembly and it was nice to give out the message:

'It's not how smart you are ... it's HOW you are smart'

Unfortunately it wasn't recorded like yours was, so parents and friends never got to see it :(

We always enjoy your videos here at Carronshore!

dingwallvideos said...

Thank you Carronshore!

We didn't do an online questionnaire - but maybe now we will!

Anonymous said...

That was a great job you did, it must have been alot of pratice to learn all the words and say it at an assembley

Dawn Fraser (Active Schools Co-ordinator) said...

Hi P6, That presentation was great! I heard you did really well at the assembly. I'll let you guys figure out what type of smart i am - i'm sure you'll all guess right!
Stay active!