Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fame and Fashion!

Photo-movie about the perils of fame with music by David Bowie.


dingwallvideos said...

Well Done Becca!! You have had to wait a long time to see it on the blog but it was worth the wait - a very important message for girls the same age as you. Thanks to Zoe for her quote which I really liked.

Mrs N

P7teach said...

Hello Dingwall,

Your videos get better and better! We hope to make some animation videos with the help of Miss Goodsir who will be with us for a while. It would be great if you could give us some advice!

dingwallvideos said...

No problem - we love the Digital Blue Camera -
It is fab fun!!
Plus it comes with built in footage to play with -as in Space Odyssey.
We look forward to seeing your videos.
We are just starting our animation club next week so we can keep in touch then!

p7teach said...

Great! We are going to be using '2 Simple 2 Animate' software, but we're unsure about how to add sound. We use Audacity for our podcasts ... so maybe that's a possibility?

dingwallvideos said...

I have only briefly seen '2 Simple' so am not sure about sound.

We import our animations into 'Ulead'software and add our sounds there.

Our 'photomovies' are made on the BT Photo-movie website which is so simple the kids do it all on their own and I don't even know how they do it!!

Anonymous said...

that was a great film and it made me not want to be like celebs and just be myself

Antonio said...

Excellent video - great tune too. I don't mind people being famous so much when they're talented (like David Bowie!)

Antonio: Digital Media Consultant

Anonymous said...

this one is cool thanks guys from Chloe and Samantha cauldeen xp;s from samantha i liked the toon and that :):)

Anonymous said...

this is cool i like it well done

luv lEIGH-ANNExXxXx :):)

Anonymous said...

heya bex that was great! il be myself and promise i wont be celeb!! it made me think after watchin that film!! well done.