Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hello Carronshore!

We hope these problems are new to you - if not pass them on!

Blog your answers!

And how you solved it?

P6/7 Maths Kidz


dingwallvideos said...

Hello Carronshore -yes got your comment and yes it was meant you!

Sorted now!

Apologies - don't know why I am detemined to get your name wrong!

Mrs N

p7 teach said...

Not much luck with this project!

When I got to school yesterday, we were shocked to discover that 'Blogger' is now blocked by our region (access denied message). We're hoping it has been a mistake and will be allowed again soon!

Has your video disappeared as well??

p7 teach said...

Hello again Dingwall!!

We have our Blogs back ... and we can see yours too now.

Miss Goodsir is visiting our class today and a small group of us are going to work on solving your problems!

We'll hopefully post our solutions very soon!

p7 teach said...

Well ..... these posts are definately causing problems!!
We had to make about 5 video attempts - then 'Google Video' wouldn't work for us ... then 'Youtube' didn't load properly...we've got a sort of reply on our math site ... we'll try google video one more time!!

We really did enjoy your challenge, though!

Maybe we'll have one for you next term!!

dingwallvideos said...

Carronshores solution can be seen at
Well done Carronshore!

We would love to tackle one of your problems next term!

Merry Xmas!