Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A photomovie about Kenya created by Cailean - Kenya is the environmental topic for the P7s


dingwallvideos said...

Well done -you have shown the many different faces of Kenya - and used many different transitions!

You need to check your stats - one of them has to be wrong !

Also after mentioning the 'Big 5' the following pics should have been of the 'Big 5' - or were they?

Peter Peacock MSP said...

I have visited the Dingwall Primary School Videos website and viewed all the videos, which are original and entertaining. Ireally enjoyed my recent visit to the school and would thank the pupils for telling me all about the various video projects.
The videos on the site are brilliant! Well done everyone! Peter Peacock MSP

i.callan said...

i loved it.i didnt know half the things you had in that must of put alot of effort into must of taken a long time to make. i hope that you make an other soon because that one was a great video. from imogen callan p5/2.

theo said...

Hi Theo

I keep coming back to your site to see the wonderful videos and i look forward to seeing more. Well done and eep up the good work everyone. I have mentioned you on my blog.

Dave said...

Good to see this site, never realised it was here till my son fetched a letter home today. I am the Chair for the parents association and also running a wildlife group in the school. There is great creative potential in Google and You Tube (as long as it stays free of advertsing interests) and it is clear that the creativity in the school is high.
I have a You Tube account and recently had a film (Dingwall Floods) featured on the BBC, shows what can happen for us amatuers.
Who is moderating this site...? Anyway, brilliant site, keep it up.

dingwallvideos said...

Hi David, saw your video on YouTube - having it featured on the BBC shows what a powerful tool video is -watch out for a video of the floods created by an ex-pupil which should be appearing soon.
The site is being moderated by myself and new films and animations should be appearing throughtout the term as the lunchtime and after school sessions swing into action -maybe a wildlife documentary!
Sandra Nesbitt

Dave said...

Hi Sandra,

and yes I think video is powerful, the BBC have taken all my contact details for future news coverage, its not what I am looking to do though, but it just shows how the world of media is changing.

Maybe if we get to create a wildlife garden we could film that as it changes, or maybe one of our trips, the opportunities are endless, and looking at the creativity displayed through this blog I think it is very exciting.

Cailean said...

Thank you for all the advice especially to Mrs Nesbit :)
I am going to make another vidoe but on the matter of Fairtrade. All i shall tell you is it's on the cocoa section

Mrs Nesbitt said...

Looking forward to your next fairtrade production - can I help with some Quality Assurance by sampling the chocolate products - I am extremely qualified and experienced in this area.

Mrs Nesbitt

Cailean W said...

I am sure you are but it would be rather unfair for others as they probably have got shove4d out the que by you. I think maybe ill chose this real sad person called...i think his name is Cailean Welsh.
ALthough if i really am desperatre ill ask you. Of cousre you would have to pay..anyway back to subject any more quiestions?

Mrs Nesbitt said...

I think you will find my job desription as DHT includes Quality Assurance Food Tasting ( Chocolate Products).

As for back to questions - which one of your stats is wrong??

I thought you were good with big numbers!

Peter T said...

Great video Cailean.

How long did it take you to make?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely video of Kenya and Nairobi in particular. I am a kenya teacher working in London and all the pictures of Nairobi I see in the press are all about the slums and starving people. Its refreshing to see the other side as well. The video helped to get me ready for my xmas trip to my home country and city.

cailean W said...

Its my video!
Its nice to see someone from Kenya coming on here.
As our classes are doing the topic "Kenya" at the moment we would be really grateful if you could provide some usefuls info or some sites to go onto, as you are from Kenya.

If you have a certain topic you would like me to make another video on another Kenyan subject then please say. I will be more than happy to do so.

Have a good time back in Kenya!

Anonymous said...

hi this is jack g (dr spoof) this was brilliant you must of put a lot of effort into it did you enjoy making it and are you going to make another one....From JackG (actor and director of dr spoof)....