Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Dinosaur animation created suing a web camera and some plasticine !


Cailean said...

Nice....The models where fantastic. It must have taken ages to do. Did you make them?

Maybe the lighting could have stayed the same but overall 9.5/10

ps.i liked grommit but is he a dinosaur?

dingwallvideos said...

We finished making the dinosuar wars and thought it would be fun to add some wallace and Gromit!

chris dunn said...

"watch out Nick Park" that's a classic.

boobelle said...

Your models are excellent!

Rosie said...

I know how long this must have taken you because the children at my school make stop frame movies. How did you manage to import the Wallace and Grommit clip?

R Gledhill
ICT Co-ordinator
Jessie Younghusband School

dingwallvideos said...

We didn't actually import the Wallace and Gromit clip - it was an animation we made ourselves for fun. Joshua made the models purely from memory!

Dave said...

Loved it...very clever, I embedded a link on my blog to it (it is the Genesis blog if you click my name), do you ever host on youtube? I find it much more manageable and faster for people to download.

Great work!!